Coincidence or Something More…


Alright Ladies,

I don’t know about you but this week has be a total God week. Every turn I made I was either being utterly surprised by myself or I saw people I hadn’t seen in years. It made me think about how we live in such a vast world but we often find ourselves running into people that we haven’t seen. I mean, what are the odds? Running into people is perfect timing. Think when you see someone unexpected, there are so many factors that control when we see someone. When you are driving somewhere how many times do you get caught at a red light or get cut off? I would like to think those things happen for a reason.

We spend our lives in a rush. My schedule consists of waking up early, driving to work, working all day, driving home, taking a shower and then repeat. I’m not complaining at all! I love my job but we get into a cycle of the same things. As kids, we desperately wish to grow up. I attempted to skip nap time any time I could. Rushing to grow up was a priority in my life. When I hit my late teens I realized how quickly those years had went and wondered how fast the rest of my life would go.

When I went to college I had to put friendships on hold. Not because anything was wrong but I had relocated and it was difficult enough to just be in school. I have to admit that I have a tendency to facebook stalk anyone and that’s how I kept up with my friends who I could no longer stay in touch with. It seemed like enough…all I had to do was login to facebook and I instantly “knew” someone.

Fast forward to last Saturday. I was meeting with my free engagement brides and I had a couple of hours between meetings. I literally stay at Barnes and Nobles all day meeting with people (I am sure those employees wonder if I have a life!). I had run a few errands when I decided it was time to come back for my meeting. Now, if you know me at all I am ALWAYS early for everything. At this point I probably had 30 minutes before I had to meet with my last bride.

Normally, I am THAT person…who comes down the escalator with an arm load of books trying to get to the cash register before I change my mind. Lately, its been hard for me to commit to a book. You may be thinking to yourself “Really, Heather. A book…you have commitment issues with choosing books….” Yes. I am an avid reader that goes back and re-reads books so I need to make sure it’s an investment. I felt really silly writing that but it is the truth.

Back to the story.. I was going through the inspirational aisle and I heard this woman on the phone. She was having trouble picking out a book and although I wasn’t trying to eavesdrop but it’s hard to keep to yourself at a bookstore. Now, I turned the corner to keep looking and found a book that I was interested in. This woman was still talking and I felt as if I knew her. She sounded familiar and mentioned an area that I quickly identified with. I looked up and realized that I really did know who it was! Her name is Meghan and we grew up in church together. I hadn’t seen her in years and she recently got married. I was so anxious to reconnect with her and had to wait until she got off the phone. When she did and I called her name she turned her head and smiled.

It was great seeing her but it was a “coincidence” and all timing. I could have stayed out and found more errands to run. I could have stayed in the Starbucks section and scanned Instagram but I didn’t. I went upstairs to that specific section and found Meghan. It was like God was pushing me to talk to her and find out how she was.

Now, I mentioned how I followed people on Facebook to keep up with them. This is one of those people I would constantly search. I would see how she was, click through pictures, and check up on what she was doing. I knew her…but when I saw her at Barnes and Nobles there was so much more in our conversation. I knew she had gotten married but when she talked about her husband and her life there was so much more to her. She recently started a cake business and I had followed her on Facebook but when we talked about it you could see the passion she had in her life for it. There was something about seeing her that made our relationship REAL.  In that moment I felt as if I was supposed to see her. She taught me something in that Inspirational aisle of Barnes and Nobles…I had spent valuable time reading what she was doing when I could have physically gotten to know her. Let’s just say I am so excited to try one of her pies.

Check out her facebook page!! Make sure to like it 🙂

Weezie’s Pies & Cakes

Heather Michelle Photography

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